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0 ISBN # 0-89716-823-2. Publisher: Peanut Butter / Eliot Wolf Publishing with Brainquest Press (DBA 1999.

Quality Paperback. $22.95. Available now only through All copies are first editions autographed by the author! No refunds as per autographed book convention. Electronic digital version downloadable and available at $18.95 through

1 Learn more about Dr. Vernon Neppe MD, PhD, author of Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope.

2 As of November 20, 2002. New first edition copies of the book are exclusively available through

3 We cannot guarantee that a rare new copy may not be located in a book-store but we regard this as extremely unlikely as they would only have been available from book signings and to our knowledge these have sold out. It would be extraordinarily unlikely finding a new, unused autographed version in a book-store and our research has not found one.

4 Autographed first edition book with a new literary genre can inflate in value significantly. These could become a collector's editions though this cannot be guaranteed. By convention, there are no returns on author inscribed books (in this case, autographed, customized, personalized or millennial books or editions) and this is so in this case -- all purchases are final. We cannot, of course, guarantee such increases in price. If Dr Neppe is unavailable (e.g. he may be traveling), we reserve the right to substitute a customized or personalized version with an autographed version and you will not be charged the difference (please indicate if you would prefer this substitution not to occur and to wait for your customized version; we will try to EMail you if this happens but if there is no response, it should ship as an autographed version within 24 hours). Also, Dr Neppe could revise the special message you suggest for the personalized version at his sole discretion. Please ensure everything is properly spelt. Because of their uniqueness, it is very likely, though not guaranteed, that the price on the millennial edition will be increased significantly e.g. doubled or quadrupled as the last remaining copies are bought up. One solution is to buy a millennial edition plus a regular autographed version and use the regular version. This way you can keep the numbered millennial version as a collector's item.

5 This book is not intended to replace any form of medical treatment. Appropriate and timely consultation with qualified medical specialists and health care professionals is strongly recommended. The book and website disclaimer should be read.

6 Condensed (spell-corrected) quotations. Full text and other quotations available here.

7 S and H: $6.95 in USA; $8.95 in Canada. Washington state tax of 8.8% of whole.

8 Depending on Dr. Neppe's availability, the order page will offer options for: personalized, and customized copies. Even collector's millennium copies are also available.

9 These options depend on Dr. Neppe's availability and may slightly delay receipt of the book; in the unlikely event of his unavailability during this offer, the autographed book will be substituted and charged at $21.95 instead.

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