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Item Description

The Psychology Of Dj Vu

by Dr. Vernon Neppe.

Witwatersrand University Press, Johannesburg, South Africa. 1983

This book is the most detailed scientific analysis of Dj vu: the 'impression of inappropriate familiarity of the present experience with an undefined past ' that exists. It demonstrated that there are qualitative differences in the Dj vu experiences that occur in Normal subjects, Subjective Paranormal Experients, Temporal Lobe Epileptics and Schizophrenics. The book is already a significant and major collector's item. It has already fetched $500 at its first auction and is now becoming available at $1000.

The major collector's value has several reasons: The overwhelming reason is significant inadvertent printing error: The side spine was empty other than the insignia of the publisher; similarly the back cover is blank. This error has been compared to the Penny Black Stamp error. The key is its rarity, spontaneity, inadvertent quality. There may be other such books but we do not know of anything comparable particularly given the circumstances. This was the first published book on the Dj vu phenomenon. It is written by the world authority on the subject. It is out of press and very few copies remain available. The only proof copies are available through this site. All these collector's editions are autographed by the author. They are individually numbered and contain a special authenticity seal.

MMSC 9th Annual Auction.
Sunday 12th February 2006. Spirit of Seattle Cruise Ship.

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