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Reality Begins with Consciousness

A Paradigm Shift that Works

Vernon M Neppe and Edward R. Close. Fifth Edition

Once in many decades, a book comes out that is so important that it literally impacts on the whole basis of thinking about Reality, Life and existence, and all of Science. We believe that Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works is such a book. Its importance cannot be overemphasized.

About RBC          Dr. Neppe          Dr. Close

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This is an electronic book only and is not available in bound copy.

Déjà Vu

D�j� Vu

This is an electronic book only and is not available
in bound copy.

Cry the Beloved Mind

Available as both bound book and Ebook PDF.

Upcoming and Recent Media Engagements:

Special new website for the Vernon Neppe Organization .

Presentations (e.g. YouTubes) / Programs and Events / Books/ Media/ Research/  About/ Forensics/ Clinical

This provides links for three other major sites namely (the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute), (this site with Dr Neppe's books) and (Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization).

There are numerous pertinent menus.

You may want to monitor the many different YouTubes about the TDVP model, the profound finding of 9 dimensional spin, fundamental concepts such as infinity, consciousness and theories of everything  on the


You may want to obtain clarification and amplification of Dr Neppe's books and e-books.


Instead of using this section to read about Dr Neppe's major media events please refer to this section. Also other media events are listed for short periods.


A great deal of amplification about these various books though the menus on this site give specifics. Note how important Dr Neppe's Cry the Beloved Mind is and the expertise in Dr Neppe's  Deja Vu Trilogy of books  (three e-books in one by the world authority).

Purchase Reality Begins with Consciousness exclusively on this site at; SPECIAL OFFER: For a short while, we are offering 20% off all purchases when you add the code  TALKRADIO into the code line when checking out. (Does not apply retrospectively; and only when this code is added in this site order form and during the duration of this offer).


You may want to continue to read updates of the major media announcements on Drs Close and Neppe demonstrating that finite reality consists of 9 spinning dimensions.  This is discussed in detail in their classic e-book, Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift That Works (4th Edition)

read more about the Neppe-Close paradigm at


You may want to study the different areas of research Dr Neppe is involved in. Amplified in some detail is Drs Close and Neppe's landmark demonstration of 9 finite dimensions of reality, discussions of their Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) and several other areas of research.

Drs Neppe and Close and the Pacific Neuropsychiatric institute are looking for suitably qualified research collaborators. Please complete the form at


This page gives some more background on Dr Vernon Neppe.

If you would like to invite Dr Neppe or Dr Close to do special invited presentations of  lectures please contact them at


This page specifically caters for attorneys who may be interested in Dr Neppe's medicolegal work.



This reflects Dr Neppe's Pacific Neuropsychiatric institute clinical work.




Drs Edward Close and Dr Vernon Neppe have derived the Cabibbo angle in fermions (APRIL 2013).

This is critical because it cannot be established from the Standard Model of Particle Physics involving three dimensions of space and one moment in time. Instead, we've derived this from a finite 9 dimensional spin (vortical) model.

This is apparently a PROFOUND ADVANCE. It implies that finite reality is nine-dimensional, that much of it is hidden in our conventional sentient 3S-1t reality, and it justifies our TDVP model (see book Reality Begins with Consciousness on this site) that motivates a 9D-vortical model.

(No other dimensional model works) (Please monitor announcements).





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About the Authors:

Dr Vernon Neppe
Author of all publications

Dr Edward Close, Co-author
Reality Begins with Consciousness

Dr Art Funkhouser, Subeditor
D�j� Vu: A Second Look

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