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Welcome to our special Diet Supplements page.

This is an extremely complex area. But luckily, Dr Vernon Neppe has written a book devoting two chapters to this area in his highly esteemed and very important book on brain medications and ethical dilemmas, Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope.

The first of these chapters, Sugar and Spice (Chapter 7), takes us on a fascinating voyage through Drug interactions. The following chapter, And Everything Nice, deals with how drugs and supplements are absorbed. See description below:

Although a great deal is in the book Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope, the following are key facts:

Please understand that Alternative Medications such as herbs, mineral, vitamin and synthetic chemical supplements may be useful but they may be hazardous and this is complicated by their use with prescribed medications. So the key aspect is to be cautious.

These drugs (and that is what they are) are not as well-regulated as prescription medications but they are used by millions of people. In the realm of medicine, we specifically recommend seeking the advice of a competent medical care giver. We are not giving medical or related advice. We have attempted to compile reasonable information in this regard.

Many different terms are used for the numerous over the counter medications or supplements that are commonly used. Terms such as diet supplements are common when dieting is involved, but also when some attempt to improve their health. Additionally, such terms as nutritional supplements or nutraceuticals or herbal medications are at times used.

To simplify, in this document, I use the term Alternative Medications. You may want to read about the cautions of using alternative medications in the following important paper for lay-persons. We recognize that these Alternative Medications may be valuable drugs, but they also have their dangers, including when they are taken with prescription medications.

But how does the book read? Easily? Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope by the international expert Vernon Neppe MD, PhD is written so the layperson can understand about how they and their loved ones can get better on appropriate medications. Read the following excerpt on Chapter 8: And Everything Nice. This will help you understand the difficulties of using supplements. As a reader says about these sections after reading the book, "I am (now) SO conscious of what medicines I put in my mouth and now watch what liquid I have my calcium tablets with!!" Also available is a discussion of caffeine in this chapter presented on Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute's web site.

There are some remarkable links for your interest from Dr. Vernon Neppe's web site the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute. The author: Dr. Neppe himself: But this is more technical, of course, for colleagues�although incidentally colleagues have found Dr. Neppe's book enormously helpful. See the comments below.

"This should be essential reading for psychology students. It would certainly have made my life much easier, if I had available such a readable way to be educated. The unique case histories and focus on social and medical issues make the book very important." Glenn Goodwin, PhD, Neuropsychologist

"This book takes us to the core of what Medicine is about: to listen to what the patient is saying, not only with their word, but with their acts and the cry of help that their mind is doing. Great job Dr. Neppe." Jose L. Guzman

"Dr. Neppe demonstrates his international expertise with care and respect for patients. He conveys hope and valuable information for more than just the general reader. I learned a great deal." Dale Sobotka, MD, Psychiatrist.

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You should enjoy how this book is written in the special new literary genre of sciction - science through literature - the major reason why the author autographed book may become more valuable and potentially a collector's item.

Start your voyage of discovery today -- order now, or click here to learn more!

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