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Welcome to our special "epilepsy, seizures and spells" page. This is an extremely complicated area. We will provide links below to look at a variety of variants of seizure disorders including classifications and pseudoseizure disorders as well as more formal ideas of temporal lobe symptoms.

But first we want to tell you about one of the most valued books ever on this topic. Dr. Vernon Neppe has written a book devoting aspects several chapters to this area in his highly esteemed and very important book on brain medications and ethical dilemmas, Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope.

Dr. Neppe's approach to Seizure disorders is extraordinarily relevant because he approaches them from the context of the Neuropsychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist. The book is so important because you are actually able to "live" through consultations with the specialist doctor; you are able to learn from one of the world's foremost experts in the interface area of seizures, unusual or atypical spells, rapid mood disturbances, agression and irritability, and psychiatric disorder. The most important parts of the book are the principles. But don't just believe this. Please read below:

"Dr. Vernon Neppe has written one of the most important works dealing with brain medications and social dilemmas ever penned. This book has helped me understand that I am not alone, and that there is hope for a complete recovery. Dr. Neppe has the rare ability to view his patients with both clinical detachment as well as human beings, with fears, anguish, worry, terror and everything in between. This wonderful volume should be required reading for anyone with curiosity or concerns. "Cry The Beloved Mind" will change more than minds; it will change LIVES!" Karen

More testimonials & reviews

In the context of seizures and related conditions, there are five special chapters on seizure disorders, EEGs, psychiatric elements, explosions in the brain and even how a suicidal patient with aypical spells was helped. And each chapter is written for the layperson aiming at educating through fascination.

Chapters dealing with seizures and related conditions

Of course, we've already learnt about many other areas like Drug interactions. As Marilyn, non-patient reader, eloquently puts it: "Unbelievable, but this book makes us actually want to read about absorption, metabolism, distribution and elimination of medications!" You may want to understand about some of the basic aspects. We understand about the interactions of cigarette smoke, the problems with jet lag, and even the role of Vitamin B6. We are taken through analogies like boats and bathtubs and of course, coffee and caffeine in anxiety.

And you will learn about depression and many other conditions. But if you want to learn more about Cry the Beloved Mind and it's overall perspective, go to our home page --it is the featured book--or if you want to order the book--author autographed and now the only source for it--click here. Or just click the link, if you want to go directly to more information on Cry the Beloved Mind. But how does the book read? Easily? Well, try it, and here is a chapter on depression to boot: The beginnings of Chapter 11 of Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope by Vernon M Neppe MD, PhD. You can see this book is written in the special new literary genre of sciction - science through literature. It "educates by fascination." And this just may be a reason why the author autographed book may become a collector's item.

What readers have regarded as a "must get." As a reader says about these sections after reading the book:

"WONDERFUL BOOK, EASY READ. No longer do you have to feel different or alone in a world without hope or answers. This book gives the reader a great deal of insight on mental health conditions and the different kinds of medications used to treat them. I think anyone suffering from a mental condition, such as depression will benefit from this book. As you read through the many different chapters I am sure you will find somewhere or someone you will identify with or see yourself in. It made me feel I wasn't the only one in the world on medications for depression or a seizure related condition. I felt compelled to keep reading and reading until I finished the book. I came away with a better understanding of my own treatment and the way medications work in the treatment of these illnesses. I would recommend this book to anyone who is suffering from a mental condition or family and friends of anyone suffering from a mental condition. Dr. Neppe has been able to bring this book down to a level that is easy to understand and read, and at the same time is encouraging and yes, very 'HOPEFUL'." Cindy, review

Read the others thoughts, too, because this opinion is the common one. We have yet to have someone not finding this book valuable!

What are the Key Features of Seizure Disorders?

Here are some remarkable links for your interest from Dr. Vernon Neppe's website the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute. The author: Dr. Neppe himself: But this is more technical, of course, for colleagues�although incidentally colleagues have found Dr. Neppe's book enormously helpful. See below:

"This should be essential reading for psychology students. It would certainly have made my life much easier, if I had available such a readable way to be educated. The unique case histories and focus on social and medical issues make the book very important." Glenn Goodwin, PhD, Neuropsychologist

"This book takes us to the core of what Medicine is about: to listen to what the patient is saying, not only with their word, but with their acts and the cry of help that their mind is doing. Great job Dr. Neppe." Jose L. Guzman

"Dr. Neppe demonstrates his international expertise with care and respect for patients. He conveys hope and valuable information for more than just the general reader. I learned a great deal." Dale Sobotka, MD, Psychiatrist.

Start your voyage of discovery today -- order now, or click here to learn more!

Areas of Interest

  • When is someone Epileptic?
  • What do the poets say about seizures?
  • Do most epileptics have other problems? Read about the Epilepsy Plus and the Epilepsy Standard patient.
  • Do I have temporal lobe epilepsy? Read about possible temporal lobe symptoms.
  • What's an EEG? And when do we do an ambulatory EEG instead of or in addition to a regular electroencephalogram?
  • Is there a screen for seizures or temporal lobe symptoms?
  • Are pseudoseizures (hysterical seizures) really seizures?
  • I know there is a complex official classification of seizures. Where can I find it?
  • What role does head injury have?
  • Is deja vu a symptom of temporal lobe epilepsy or seizures?
  • What is the balance between seizure disorders, spells and psychiatric difficulties?
  • And keep tuned to these pages. We will from time to time add to them.

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