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Reality Begins With Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works

Dr Vernon M Neppe and Dr Edward R Close


  • Options

  • Features
  • Comment
  • Offer
  • 4th Edition

  • $29.99

  • Open PDF, inscribed plus EPub and MOBI plus complimentary Glimpses and Glossary ebook in PDF
  • Recommended for functionality
  • Special $29.99. Usually $39.99. Save $10. E-Pub + PDF+ MOBI
  • Glimpses & Glossary
    Short Addendum

  • $9.99

  • Glimpses and Glossary ebook in PDF
  • Not recommended for purchase on its own
  • $9.99. PDF alone
  • 1st Edition Collector's

  • $32.99

  • Inscribed, locked PDF
  • Limited first edition.
    Rare availability.
  • First edition of a critically important book; see why
  • 4th Edition Dlx
    and 1st Edition Collector's *

  • $47.95

  • Obtain the latest 4th Edition plus the original 1st Edition for reading plus as Collector's items
  • Both collector's editions
    Delivered in one download
  • Special combination discounted price of $47.95 instead of $81.96.
    Save $34.01
* = Possible Collector's edition.
At the time of 2nd Edition being produced, the first edition was restricted to 200 copies.
     • Possibly first E-book to have an inscription to readers by the authors.
     • The purchaser can receive on request proof of authenticity by Zmail (for an additional processing charge of $9.99 at the time of the order --write this request into the comments)

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Cry The Beloved Mind

Dr Vernon M Neppe


  • Options

  • Features
  • Comment
  • Offer
  • Personalized

  • $26.95

  • Dr Neppe personalizes: His message is addressed to you.
  • Recommended version.
  • Can combine with E-book for $34.95
  • Customized

  • $24.95

  • Dr Neppe writes an individual but not specifically addressed message.
  • Can combine with E-book for $32.95
  • Autographed

  • $21.95

  • This is signed by Dr Vernon Neppe. Recommended if basic but we suggest personalized
  • Can combine with E-book for $29.95
  • E-book

  • $18.95

  • PDF locked; able to read on E-Reader; historically? first ever Digital River E-book
  • E-book alone Collector's edition
  • Combo E-book  
    + Bound Book  

  • From$29.95

  • Combination of collector's functional E-book plus the hard copy of your choice
  • Pers. 34.95    
    Cust. $32. 95  
    Autog. $29.95
  • Collector's Editions

  • From$42.95

  • First ever book defining the genre of sciction by a world leader in his area. Special numbered issues.
  • Several collector's
    edition options
  • #51-99: $42.95
      #21-50:  $77.95
      #11-20:  $99.95
         #6-10:  $149.95
* = May be substituted if unavailable for the listed cost of the substitute

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The Déjà Vu Series

Dr Vernon M Neppe

Déjà Vu: A Second Look
Dr Art Funkhouser, co-editor


  • Options

  • Features
  • Comment
  • Offer
  • Déjà Vu

  • $39.99

  • All 3 E-books in one- DVASL, DVR, DVGL
  • Best deal.
  • Highly recommended. Dr Neppe is the world authority. Save $20 this way.
  • Déjà Vu: A Second Look

  • $24.99

  • DVASL: The latest version on Déjà vu adding to DVR; by the two world authorities on deja vu.
  • The key E-book on the topic featuring updated features. Dr Art Funkhouser is second author.
  • Déjà Vu

  • $24.99

  • DVR; effectively this is an E-book of Dr Neppe's classic The Psychology of Déjà Vu.
  • The key original thinking E-book on this topic. Essential reading for serious researchers.
  • Déjà Vu
    and Library

  • $9.99

  • DVGL: Particularly needed with accented and unaccented versions; library of references.
  • This combines two books into one: A key glossary on deja vu, and a library in the area.
* = May be substituted if unavailable for the listed cost of the substitute

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