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Reality Begins With Consciousness:

A paradigm shift that works

What happens when two creative and internationally renowned experts

Vernon M Neppe MD, PhD, FRSSAf, DFAPA, BN&NP, DSPE
Consciousness Researcher, Physician, Psychiatrist
and Neuroscientist, and Philosopher
who previously developed the model of Vortex N - Dimensionalism
Edward R. Close PhD, PE, SFSPE
Physicist, Mathematician and Cosmologist
who previously developed the model of Transcendental Physics

together spend fifty years developing their models and another three years combining their models? The result might be the most truly remarkable new scientific model to understand reality, consciousness, extra dimensions, life, order and infinity ever, and a model that is supported by mathematics and results in a philosophical model which resembles ancient mystical thought.

Join us in this the Electronic Version of this Book in either PDF or EPub (your choice).

Brain Voyage (URL: 3rd Edition 2013.

This E-Book may be produced in a Soft Cover Bound Printed Format as two books
Reality Begins With Consciousness: Part 1: This paradigm shift works and Reality Begins With Consciousness: Part 2: The science; the theory; the justification.

Can we find "consciousness" relevant? Can we explain how Life actually occurs? Can we reconcile the idea of a Higher Being with science? Can we have Free will as well as Foreknowledge (Precognition)?

Can we regard all events and objects even subatomic particles as reflecting meaning? Can we find order in our world even though in physics we tend towards a disorder? Can we look at reality by starting at science and applying a new philosophy? Can we reconcile our reality by introducing more dimensions and infinity? Can we make a difference for us and for our broader world? Can we explain everything in Nature?

Can we reconcile • the quantum model with the astronomical?
• the animate with the inanimate?
• the finite with the infinite?

The answer to every one of these questions: "Yes, scientifically, each is strongly motivated."

But how does the model developed by Drs Neppe and Close objectively compare with all the other major models? We know that when applying appropriate scientific comparisons: • it is far better than any other model;
• it (uniquely) scores a perfect score (39/39);
• the model is expanding in breadth, new applications, new proofs, and new evidence;
• no other "theory of everything" can explain better the process of how reality works;
• its basic axiom has successfully answered challenges from scientists and philosophers;
• it is qualitatively the most challenging so far-- well justified, yet likely incomplete

Reality Begins With Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift That Works

is our the remarkable single, lengthy electronic downloadable book (in PDF and E-pub versions; Mac, PC, or Tablet (Kindle, I-Pad, Nook) on these areas.
We are also providing too, a printed 2 book soft cover combination unit bound series Reality Begins With Consciousness--Part1: This paradigm shift works and Part 2: The science; the theory; the justification.

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