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What exactly are the essential elements of the TDVP model of Neppe and Close?


• Space, time and consciousness (S, T, C) are tethered together.
• STC tethering occurs in both the finite and infinite subrealities.
• The whole reality is made up of infinite subreality which necessarily always impacts the finite subreality and vice versa.
• The infinite subreality is continuous, without end, the finite is discrete.
• We experience reality as sentient beings "bottoms-up" in the most basic reality 3S-1t-1C as STC is inseparable (so 3S-1t without C is illusory though commonly interpreted as such).
• All higher consciousness and all of N-C is ultimately integrated through that finite 3S-1t-1C physical living component called consciousness in the nervous system in sentient beings.
• We cannot perceive almost all of reality and we need to conceptualize reality experiences outside 3S-1t.
• STC began in the finite at its origin.
• In the infinite, there was no origin. All time, space and information are pervasive, unextended, without end and without beginning.


• We exist in a finite 3S-3T-3C as a minimum, though we cannot perceive that.
• There are N-dimensions of finite subreality extending through the transfinite. These are generally N-C. Approaching reality from there is the "top-down" approach, where only some pieces of the multidimensional jigsaw puzzle may appear in 3S-1t.
• In the infinite subreality, STC exists without end, unextended but specifically when representing the finite it is extended in that individual unit context.


• Communication through dimensions is via a process (called "indivension" ) utilizing zillions of (content) "vortices ( interfacing with vectors, scalars, tensors) to produce vast finite and infinite interfacing tracks.
• A model for understanding the apprehension and manipulation of objects or events (psi) is provided including the ostensible rare events, precognition and retrocognition, and freedom of choice.
• The infinite has several elements all existing together:
• metaspace
• metatime
• metaconsciousness (meaningful metainformaition)
• metalife (polife = potential life in the finite)
• metaorder (ordropy)


• Life always exists in the infinite reality and therefore it is automatic in the finite explaining the how of life. ( How life comes about; It never needs to because it is always there in the infinite subreality)
• We do not know how to appreciate the infinite but exist in certain modifiable finite tracks that derive from the infinite.
• Order always exists in the infinite eternally and pervades the finite as multidimensional ordropy.
• Entropy always exists in the finite and impacts the infinite.
• Meaningful information is called metaconsicousness in the infinite.

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