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Publisher's comment

"Dr Vernon Neppe combines his international expertise in the area, remarkable communication skills and original brilliance with a remarkable capacity to communicate important practical information about brain medications and ethical medical dilemmas in a wonderfully educational manner. This is a book that makes learning fascinating and that provides realistic hope for millions of patients with conditions ranging from depression to seizure disorders.
We are privileged to be involved with this historic achievement."
Elliott Wolf, President, Peanut Butter Publishing (co-publisher with Brainquest Press).

Feedback from the Author 

"The theme of "Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope" is practical education about medications for brain conditions through fascination. I added spice by confronting controversial medical dilemmas and important social issues. Ultimately realistic hope for recovery, respect for the individual and communication of basic and special insights in neurology and psychiatry override all else. I wrote the book specifically to ensure readability for patients, family members and general readers, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback that physicians, psychologists, nurses and students in several areas have given. Cry the Beloved Mind defines for the first time the new literary style of sciction-science through literature. It is a voyage of respect that uses dialogue to solve medical mysteries about brain medications." 
Vernon M Neppe, MD, PhD, Author. 

Quotations by other Authors 

"A compelling first-hand experience of the fascinating world of neuropsychiatry.
Witnessing this master clinician at work fuels a realistic optimism about recovery from even the most extreme afflictions of the mind.
Michael Norden MD, Psychiatrist, University of Washington, Seattle,
Author of the important related text, Beyond Prozac. 

"Cry the Beloved Mind fascinates and educates. The reader is allowed insights into major discoveries through dramatic explorations of medical information interspersed with social issues. 
A remarkable contribution, you should not do without.

Melvin Morse, MD, Pediatrician,
Author of the best seller, Closer to the Light. 

"This book takes us on a voyage to the most mysterious destination of all, the human mind. 
Vernon Neppe is a wonderful guide.
Using the Socratic method practiced by all great teachers, Dr. Neppe takes us into the clinic with patients where we all join him on his daily exploration of discovery and hope." 

Paul Perry, Arizona,
Many times New York Times Best-selling Author. 

"More than a mere book, this is a voyage that can help thousands of lost souls with the awareness that given detailed evaluations, modern medicine can help even the most difficult of brain conditions." 

Jay Luxenberg MD, Internist, University of California, San Francisco,
Author of "Residential Care"

Quotes from Colleagues 

"This should be essential reading for psychology students. It would certainly have made my life much easier, if I had available such a readable way to be educated. The unique case histories and focus on social and medical issues make the book very important." 
Glenn Goodwin, PhD, Neuropsychologist in private practice, Seattle.

"Using the new literary style of sciction, Dr. Neppe demonstrates his international expertise with care and respect for patients. He conveys hope and valuable information for more than just the general reader. I learned a great deal." 

Dale Sobotka, MD, Psychiatrist in private practice, Everett ,WA. 

"Residents and medical students can learn a great deal from this book; general readers and patients an enormous amount." 

Ronald Schneeweiss MD. Past Chairman and Professor of Family Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle. 

"Dr. Neppe's book is one of the most interesting books I have read in the past five years.
I must recommend this book to any medical sales representative, medical student and physician. 
This book takes us to the core of what Medicine is about: to listen to what the patient is saying,
not only with their word, but with their acts and the cry of help that their mind is doing.
Great job Dr. Neppe."

Jose L. Guzman Pharmaceuticals sales rep, Wisconsin

"I am still enjoying your book. I think it is really super. Bathtubs will never look the same again"

Dr Vivienne Damelin, Psychiatrist, Israel, January 2003

Quotations from Reviewers

"Along comes a psychiatrist, Dr. Vernon Neppe who has written an entirely different book that I have ever read, it is intended for the lay reader, and contains a great deal of information ..." 
Jim French, This Week with Jim French, KIRO Radio, 2/21/99 (Some would regard Jim French as the doyen of all radio interviewers in the Pacific Northwest)

"An extremely interesting exploration into mental illness, brain medications and social dilemmas. The  reader becomes enthralled in the patients' stories making it more entertaining to learn about medications and treatments.
Readers of all backgrounds and educational levels may find this book fascinating and educating."
Felice Keller , Book Reviewer for Jewish Transcript, 2/15/99

"I confess that I was so taken with this book that I read it from cover to cover.
This is an entertaining and instructive book that can bring hope and help to patients afflicted by moderate or severe mental illness or seizure disorders; it can also bring understanding and relief to family members who are impacted by their suffering and struggle.
Cry the Beloved Mind will also be of interest to medical students, residents and practicing physicians who will welcome a good read based on solid science.
I know that I as a primary care physician found much to capture my interest.."

Ronald Schneeweiss MD, Professor Of Family Medicine, University Of Washington, Seattle, WA.
Extract from review in King County Medical Society Bulletin, April 1999, p17.

"Dr Neppe weaves real medical accounts…that makes absorbing the material not only palatable but actually very enjoyable. …a compassionate, respectful, self-help book allowing patients, …families and the general reader to understand what doctors are doing when using powerful mind-modifying medications such Prozac, BuSpar and Tegretol for depression, seizures or other conditions. …highly recommended for all to read."

John Norris, Washington branch of National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Review in Spotlight, Sept. 1999 p6.

Extracts from Reviewers on Other Internet Sites

"This book is an essential contribution to mankind !
The subtitle "a voyage of hope "encapsulates the essential theme of this book - it offers enormous hope to mental sufferers and to practitioners as well.  It should be made readily available in every library worldwide - every medical student, every potential and practicing psychologist, every social worker and all members of the general public who either suffer themselves or have family members who are suffering some form of mental disorder should read this book - - readers will be enriched and empowered.
Dr. Neppe is indeed a genius who is able to share his wisdom in a sensitive and extremely palatable form.His contribution has the potential of saving many lives and dramatically improving the quality of life of many others.
Thank you Dr. Neppe for taking the time to write this valuable book.
I strongly recommend this book to every person who in some way is connected with mental illness -- even the layman can read this book, as Dr. Neppe has written it in the form of stories so it makes riveting reading ! Bravo !
The best book I have ever had the privilege of reading!" from South Africa , April 13, 1999

"Dr. Neppe gives voice to those of us, long silent and misunderstood.
I'm proud to be both patient and friend to the author, who has captained my personal voyage of hope."
Jerry Sparkman, March 11, 1999; 'OUR VOICE'

"Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope educates by fascination.
Patients, family members, general reader, students, and colleagues, can all understand and benefit. Master clinician, Vernon Neppe MD, PhD, guides through brain medications, psychiatry and neurology using "sciction" -- science through fiction. Dr Neppe covers antidepressants, prescription and herbal drugs, issues like normality, meaning of life, generic drugs, suicide, seizures, depression, herbal remedies, drug interactions, and unusual conditions. We believe this to be the most important recent book of its kind."

FROM BOOKZONE.COM. (No ranking system is used)

No longer do you have to feel different or alone in a world without hope or answers. This book gives the reader a great deal of insight on mental health conditions and the different kinds of medications used to treat them. I think anyone suffering from a mental condition, such as depression will benefit from this book. As you read through the many different chapters I am sure you will find somewhere or someone you will identify with or see yourself in. It made me feel I wasn't the only one in the world on medications for depression or a seizure related condition. I felt compelled to keep reading and reading until I finished the book. I came a way with a better understanding of my own treatment and the way medications work in the treatment of these illnesses. I would recommend this book to anyone who is suffering from a mental condition or family and friends of anyone suffering from a mental condition. Dr. Neppe has been able to bring this book down to a level that is easy to understand and read, and at the same time is encouraging and yes, very 'HOPEFUL'. "

Cindy , December 23, 1999, review


Quotes from Readers

"This is my new "new testament."
A patient

"She reads it like the talmud."
A husband about his wife.

"That's  what your book really does well.
The thinking behind the drugs and the decisions. We really do not hear this as patients."
A patient.

"Even though I am not a patient, I recognize people like this in the book.
I was surprised to find this so interesting that I want to read it again. I'm ordering four copies to distribute to friends."

Joseph Isaacson, General reader, Philadelphia.

"Please feel free to use the following statement about your wonderful book, "Cry The Beloved Mind"

I recommend this book without qualification; Dr. Vernon Neppe has written one of the most important works dealing with brain medications and social dilemmas ever penned. This book has helped me understand that I am not alone, and that there is hope for a complete recovery. Dr. Neppe has the rare ability to view his patients with both clinical detachment as well as human beings, with fears, anguish, worry, terror and everything in between. This wonderful volume should be required reading for anyone with curiosity or concerns. "Cry The Beloved Mind" will change more than minds; it will change LIVES!"


"Today I finished the book! I read it literally from cover to cover and read every word (even the ones I was given permission by you to skim over or omit). WOW! I took it to work today, and when my ½ hour lunch break was over, I told everyone to leave me alone as I was at a really exciting part of my book and couldn't put it down. When they saw what the book was about they found it incredulous that there was an “exciting part” – just before your breakthrough treatment. I really don’t have the words to express what I felt about this book. Every psychiatrist should be urged to read it – and it should be a compulsory text book for doctors. I am SO conscious of what medicines I put in my mouth and now watch what liquid I have my calcium tablets with!! It is so encouraging to think that so many people with the illnesses you described can be got back to normal. I will always keep my personally inscribed book."

EMail from "Marilyn-The-More-Enlightened", Sydney, Australia.



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