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Press Release

Reality Begins with Consciousness
Vernon M Neppe and Edward R. Close.
Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works. Fourth Edition Deluxe

Dr. Vernon M. Neppe and Dr. Edward Close

Reality Begins With Consciousness: A paradigm shift that works, Seattle, WA 2012. 4th Edition. (exclusive)

ISBN # 1-58412-009-6; ISBNv2013: 978-1-58412-009-4e

Exclusive:, Purchase at or go to "order" links.

$39.99 on special pricing at $29.99 for Deluxe Fourth Edition. Includes the bonus complimentary Glimpses and Glossary in the zipped folder.

E-book only, in both major formats: E-pub and PDF (Deluxe 4th Edition, electronically inscribed, open format with EPub and Mobi).

Available only as an E-book (electronic, downloadable book from this site exclusively (

We could offer a regular press release... just another book!
But this book will never again be just another book.
This has changed with our major finding that may take years, if not decades to fully appreciate.

Our most exciting finding, one that truly revolutionizes thinking is Chapter 9. This is complex but the fundamental message is that our Standard Model of Physics cannot explain certain fundamental findings. However, a finite nine dimensional spin reality can and only nine dimensions, not eight or ten. One can prove this mathematically. This had been hypothesized by our TDVP model in Reality Begins with Consciousness. This is such an enormous finding that it totally changes our perspective of reality.

This finding has been described for the first time in the fourth edition of this book

How huge is this?

  • It may be one of the most important findings in Physics of this century.
  • Imagine having to rethink all one has thought before?
  • Imagine ideas pertaining to possible space travel across universes across dimensions.
  • Imagine how this impacts Time.
  • And most of all consciousness.
  • Most of our Reality is hidden. Proven mathematically.

Reality Begins with Consciousness has also just been named finalists in two book awards.

(The competitions are ongoing as of May 2013)

1. Foreword Book of the Year (Science, 2012)

2. Eric Hoffer Book Award (2013)

Reality Begins with Consciousness, was a category finalist in the 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Awards. or enter "g" the "winners" menu option at
Full coverage for all award winners can be found in the US Review of Books (

Once in many decades, a book comes out that is so important that it literally impacts on the whole basis of thinking about Reality, Life and existence, and all of Science. We believe that Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works is such a book. Its importance cannot be overemphasized.

Just five months after the First Edition was officially launched, two of the world's most creative scientists in their disciplines, Drs Vernon Neppe (Neuroscientist, Consciousness Researcher and Neuropsychiatrist) and Dr Edward Close (Physicist, Mathematician and Engineer) completed the Second Edition of this E-Book that some are already regarding as one of the most ground-breaking books of the past century.

Reality Begins with Consciousness (RBC) literally challenges the very basics of our world view with an entirely original perspective that so far no scientist has been able to refute and that some scientists are already anticipating will last for years.

Effectively, the TDVP model applies actual scientific data combined with axioms and theorems in mathematics and logic. Their subtitle, "paradigm shift that works," refers to their unique model the "Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm" (more simply "TDVP").

The remarkable metaparadigm of TDVP involves an extensive broad shift in conceptualizing reality across multiple disciplines. It impacts directly on all the areas of scientific endeavor, namely the Consciousness, Biological, Physical and Psychological Sciences, as well as Mathematics, Philosophy and Philosophy of Science. TDVP applies wide ranging scientific principles combined with mathematical proofs. Effectively, it unifies Science and Spirituality starting at Science and Mathematics and showing how it can be applicable to Philosophy, Mysticism and Spirituality.

"We know it will be controversial because it espouses an entirely new detailed model for reality--a metaparadigm-- possibly the first ever: But it is well substantiated," Dr Vernon Neppe said.

The remarkable initial comments by scientists across multiple specialties support this view:

• ...destined to become a classic on shifting paradigms and worldviews.

Prof. Stanley Krippner, Pioneer of Humanistic Psychology, Author

• ... the long awaited scientific unification of quantum physics, neuroscience, parapsychology, consciousness research, and spirituality. It resoundingly ends the corrosive "skeptic versus believer" debate.

Dr Melvin Morse, Prominent NDE researcher, Author

• ...Encyclopedic work.

Professor John Poynton, Biologist, United Kingdom.

• ...A work that will change mankind's future. ... masterpiece, ... monumental ...The 21st Century's revolutionary paradigm shift.

Dr Adrian Klein, Israel. Expert on Theories of Everything, pioneer of the Subquantal Integration Approach.

• ... will shape philosophical discourse about mentality and mind.

Dr Helmut Wautischer. Philosopher.

• ... will shape philosophical discourse about mentality and mind.

Dr David Stewart, Geophysicist, Theologian, and Author.

• ... no stone unturned in the quest to re-configure our understanding of science.

Dr Lance Storm, Consciousness Researcher, Philosopher of Science, Editor, Australia.

• ...impressive. It seems astonishing that you could combine deep scientific notions with mysticism. I never knew that such work was possible.

Dr Frank Luger, (Retired) Mathematical Physicist, Physician, Poet, Author, Psychologist, and Chess Grandmaster.

Drs Neppe and Close amplify numerous major areas in their book: The authors point out the necessity for change because of the limitations of the current standard, scientific, reductionistic, materialistic model (which still works in almost but not all cases; but, the contradictions cannot be reconciled without incorporating "consciousness", extra dimensions, and infinity into that model). The authors provide, too, deriving from TDVP, a comprehensive supporting mathematics for their assumptions, and a new theoretical approach to the Philosophy of Science, and as a consequence an entirely new philosophical model of Unified Monism.

This is no fly by night model. Prior to publication, early confidential drafts were sent to some 250 scientists and creative thinkers, including many of the exceptionally creative populations in 22 countries. Peer review was extensive, contributing to hundreds of small revisions over a very active feedback period of nine months. Importantly, the basic model remained solid and, in fact, grew by amplifying certain works or authors. The authors were also able to simplify the explanations, such that even non-scientists have commented on it being comprehensible. So, RBC is still accessible for the pleasure and contemplation of many thinkers who are not scientists by profession.

Drs Neppe and Close compare 24 major different "Theories of Everything" (TOE). They emphasize their use of the term "TOE" as specifically in the sense of "paradigmatic postulates to explain processes and allow applications of principles" and not the misuse of the term as "all-embracing knowledge" --they emphasize this is not "omniscience" (explanations for content of all information). They also realize their model is a direction to understanding and can always be improved, though by far the best of what currently exists.

For example, when examining comparable models by applying at least one critical element (Consciousness, the Extra-dimensional, or Reality), as well as taking into account the extensive feedback from major peer reviewers, no other "TOE" even approaches TDVP in thoroughness or comprehensiveness. Indeed, applying gradually developed criteria regarded as important for a TOE to the TDVP metaparadigm, it scores an amazing and perfect 39/39 on all criteria: Nothing else other than the original Neppe ("Vortex N-dimensionalism") and Close models ("Transcendental Physics") even score in the 20s! Of the others, three follow at 19/39 (David Bohm's implicate and explicate order, Klein and Boyd's subquantal infitessimals, and a theological model Kabballic mysticism). Our current limited Standard Scientific Materialistic model scores 13/39 (still a very good score). Amongst other well-known "TOE" models that are score well (in the teens) are Campbell 17, Vedic Mysticism 15, and Lanza 14, Also scoring in this range are models not necessarily primarily intended as TOEs, such as Watson 17, Sheldrake 16. Carr 16, Smythies 14. Other comparisons include Langan 12, two well known models of Goswami 11 and Laszlo 9, String Theory 7, Hawking 8 and Gould 3. as well as perspectives clearly not intended as models (Hoffman 9, Sirag 9, Evert 8)It is remarkable that TDVP, which developed quite independently of mysticism, nevertheless, parallels some of the ancient wisdom -- one could postulate that it would, in retrospect: We would expect very fundamental concepts to have a commonality with many enduring mystical writings. However, mysticism and TDVP are also very different because the TDVP approach is demonstrably scientific, inductive and empirical, and then utilizes demonstrable deductive mathematical proofs. It also generates hypotheses for future testing and applies results from already researched tests.

The Neppe/ Close attempted overall unification of the search for truth and reality at every level, and the opening of doors to the scientific exploration of areas formerly ignored by mainstream science, creates an exciting time and a novel challenge for scientists. Whether the core ideas ultimately become accepted, based on the perfect 39/39 score for TDVP, this metaparadigm could be argued to be the closest that researchers and theorists have come to generating a comprehensive model for reality. It is certainly worth exploring, and because of its multidisciplinary nature, scientists and creative thinkers in many different professions should find it worthy of careful examination.

Particularly exciting areas:

Certain specifics are very exciting: Dr Neppe is particularly excited that this is apparently the first model that actually motivates how to explain the origin of "life" itself -- far beyond the physiology and DNA in physical reality! And Dr Close is particularly excited that a mathematical model he developed, the "Calculus of Distinctions", has been considerably amplified and made a key to the successful challenges of the transfinite. Additionally, TDVP introduces fascinating interfaces of the finite with the infinite, incorporates the transfinite reality, argues for multidimensional time, and explains, inter alia, the different faces of consciousness, models of psi phenomena, and interprets the beginning of the cosmos. The concept of an infinite "order" reflecting the finite multidimensional subreality, dents conventional views of tendencies towards disorder--namely entropy. And the mathematics that combine Close with Goedel, Cantor, Fermat, Hamilton, Gauss, Riemann, Euclid, Einstein, Pythagoras and Planck inter alia, provide an important advance because TDVP allows for the ordinal quantitation of Consciousness into the transfinite and provides an essential component for Dr Neppe's concept of "Vortical Indivension", which breaks entirely new ground and explains (quite literally John Donne's) "no man is an island entire of itself".

Even prior to publication, the TDVP model was already attracting responses. By that stage, two authors had expressed their intention to write general reader books based on the TDVP model. Consequently, Drs. Neppe and Close accelerated their endeavor not only to publish further on their critically important mathematical and scientific follow-up E-book based on their essential axiom of three essential inseparable, tethered components that have always existed, namely, Space, Time and Consciousness: The Tethered Triad, but also to complete the writing of a series of easily comprehensible, separate hard copy books to be shared with general readers and laypersons.

The intriguing historical background to this book

The two equal first authors sought out someone to collaborate with on their then well-developed but incomplete paradigms and, consequently, joined the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) ( They had previously spent a combined half a century molding their models, and after meeting, they quickly noted a profound similarity between the essential components of their models. They joined forces recognizing that their special skills complemented each other, and accepted the challenge to unify these models into a paradigm that worked universally. The two scientists worked together intensively for two years, without any funding, from their homes in Seattle, WA (Vernon) and Jackson, MO (Ed) combining their ideas. The result was the development of a unique paradigm shift.

This has been a labor of love for the authors, but also of inspiration from the great pioneers to whom the book is dedicated (Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Kurt Goedel, and Georg Cantor). Their model begins with the simple axiom that Space, Time and "Consciousness" are inseparable and tethered together. Their contributions have come to fruition in its pioneering form now, with on-going expectations of growth estimated at some 600 preliminary ideas. Inter alia, TDVP extends to the N-dimensional, the transfinite and the infinite, creates models for psi and communication, and proposes how life actually exists.

The launch of the book and some links:

Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works was officially launched for 3 hours to an estimated 5 million audience of Coast to Coast Radio in the USA on Wednesday 2nd/ Thursday 3rd November 2011 -- or alternatively listen to the Podcast (several on YouTube (e.g. search under Coast To Coast AM - 2.11.2011 \0x00 e.g. search Consciousness & Reality or go to Vernon Neppe discussion: or to Dr Edward Close: or Questions with Dr Vernon Neppe:

During the initial Coast to Coast radio broadcast, directed for a general audience, Drs Neppe and Close touched only the surface. A serious perusal of this book demonstrates how exciting this paradigm shift is: Whereas the basic metaparadigm can be stated in one sentence, the hundreds of concepts and hypotheses generated from this can provoke research across multiple scientific disciplines for centuries. Some of these are in Close and Neppe's follow-up book (likely for release late 2012) on Space, Time and Consciousness: In this book, particularly, one can appreciate the elegance of the fundamental axioms and theorems. Together these books not only examine all the four major disciplines of scientific endeavor (namely consciousness, life / biological, psychological/ social and physical sciences) but also philosophy and philosophy of science. Realizing that empiricism was not enough, a major advance in this book has been applying the mathematics behind the theory and data: There are tens of axioms, theories and lemmas.

Why the second edition?

After the book came out initially, ideas still flowed. The second edition was rapidly completed in early January 2012 and then amplified through to March 2012, and is available again in PDF and EPub formats. The second edition has all the content of the first, but additionally amplifies special concepts more such as the varieties of "Consciousness", introduces "ordropy" for multidimensional order (as opposed to their previous use of Extropy), discusses the models of three other scientists in greater detail and amplifies such areas as why we have some freedom of choice, and how we can change our life's track.

The first major peer reviewed publication became publicly available the week prior to the book being launched: Neppe VM and Close ER, Applying consciousness, infinity and dimensionality creating a paradigm shift: Introducing the Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm, 2011, NeuroQuantology 9:3, 375-392. There are numerous other papers published or in press in the new Dynamic International Journal of Exceptional Creative Achievement.

More on the authors:

The two internationally recognized pioneers have combined as equal first authors to produce an E-book, Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works. This downloadable book shatters current thinking and postulates a new paradigm for reality.

• Vernon Neppe MD, PhD, FRSSAf, DFAPA, BN&NP, DSPE is an internationally recognized pioneering Neuropsychiatrist, Behavioral Neurologist, Psychopharmacologist and Consciousness Researcher. He is Director of the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute in Seattle ( and (Adj Full) Professor, Dept of Neurology and Psychiatry at St. Louis University. He established the first Division of Neuropsychiatry in a Psychiatry Dept in the USA (U. Washington), led the first USA and International Delegation in Neuropsychiatry and Psychopharmacology, and is the only MD listed under five different subspecialties/ specialties in the peer-selected America's Top Doctors.--and this is in every edition. He was apparently the first American-resident MD appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society (South Africa). He also is Executive Director of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization ( where he is the only current "Distinguished Professor".

• Edward Close PhD, PE, SFSPE is a Physicist, Mathematician, Environmental Engineer and Cosmologist, who developed the Calculus of Distinctions and, although not widely known, published the earliest solution to Fermat's Last Theorem (in 1977). He is the Principal Engineer and Director of Research and Development at EJC Advantage. He, too, lectures and consults professionally internationally. He has achieved the outstanding level of "Distinguished Fellow", Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (

• Both Drs Neppe and Close have already literally impacted millions with their pioneering discoveries worldwide in their respective fields. Inter alia, Dr Neppe pioneered the area of anticonvulsants in Psychiatry, Dr Close's contributions in mold research are enormous. Both, too, are extensively published authors who have written pioneering and creative books.

Details on the E-book (no printed copy available at this point).

Like many modern publications, the book is produced electronically in both PDF and EPub versions, allowing the versatility of reading on both computers or on electronic readers such as IPads, Nooks or Kindles. Like the first edition, the Deluxe Second Edition of this E-book still contains the ostensibly unique addition of an electronically inscribed message to the readers, making it a collector's item particularly as the readers can obtain a certificate of authenticity. The E-book is supported by a great deal of data on the site, where it is exclusively available direct from the publisher, allowing currently a significant discount. Because it's directly available through the publisher, the 400 plus full page book has a special discounted launch prices. It also is apparently the first ever electronically inscribed book and legitimate orders can be demonstrated for Collector's purposes. It comes zipped in both Epub and PDF format. Multiple book orders on that site of Dr Neppe's books (e.g. with Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope or the three deja books called the Deja Vu Trilogy, come with a further $5 discount per book). RBC is currently unavailable in Hard Copy version. The PDF is locked in the Standard Edition which does not have the original inscribed copy to readers -- possibly a first for an E-Book; it is open allowing stickies, pasting, modification and notes in the Deluxe Edition, which has the original inscription. The versions therefore are: • The Second Edition Deluxe is recommended for purchase now. Deluxe 412 pages (inscribed; open PDF) with EPub (li+360) E-book zip: PDF, Epub. $38.99 (launch special offer $24.99) • Second Edition: Standard 411 pages (no inscription; locked PDF with EPub. E-book zip: PDF, Epub. $35.99 (launch special offer $23.99), • Special inscribed limited first edition original E-book. xlix+ 358 pages (407 pages total) with EPub E-book zip: 1st Edition: PDF, Epub. $32.99 (launch special offer $19.95).

Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works (RBC) is an EBook currently is only available at (click on the middle link saying Order the E-book Reality Begins with Consciousness or directly click on this link: or go to: .

See the comments:

That site also discusses the book background, contents, extracts, prefaces and biographies (in other parts of the sliding menu on the left at

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