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The major link is to our sister site that provides a network for all of Dr Vernon Neppe's work, and in the context of Reality Begins with Consciousness, to Dr Edward Close as well. Please visit and its sister site www.VernonNeppe.comThis is in the process of development . We hope to run blogs and extra elements there. This is also a central station to link to the our other sites.

We also want to direct you particularly to our exciting work on the finite 9 dimensional spin model.
Again there will be additions as and when feedback comes in.

A great deal of information discussing the model of Dr Neppe and Dr Close (TDVP) and their book is on the site of Tom Campbell who wrote My Big TOE. This scores a creditable 17/39 on our Table 5 comparative score-sheet. TDVP scores a full 39/39 and is an order of magnitude more than any other (none besides the original Neppe (27/39) and Close (23/39) models score even 20/39. There are 24 theories examined. We have cited material in this menu ("Conversations", "Answers" adapted from this site.

Dr Neppe also has a major site as Director of the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute in Seattle, WA You can click on the various submenus there to locate /forensics, /clinical, /research, /interesting areas, inter alia.

Additionally, he is Executive Director of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization. Dr Close is a Distinguished Fellow of this and Dr Neppe the only Distinguished Professor.

Dr Edward Close has a website with his important earlier book, Transcendental Physics. You will obtain wonderful extra information and have the opportunity to purchase the bound copy of that book. There is an important section on the Calculus of Distinctions, his remarkable mathematical-logical pioneering contribution, used in the TDVP model.

Watch, too, for a site that is under construction:

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