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Cry the Beloved Mind:
A Voyage of Hope

By Dr Vernon Neppe MD, PhD

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Prof. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, FRSSAf, BN&NP, DFAPA, is a pioneering Neuropsychiatrist and Behavioral Neurologist, one of the "Psychopharmacologists of the 20th Century", renowned Consciousness Researcher and Distinguished Psychiatrist. He has produced possibly one of the most important self-help books ever. This classic, by a notable international authority and expert physician on brain medications and medical dilemmas, still now, after many years, is a key book written for laypersons particularly patients, their families and those interested in self-help, helping others, psychology, prescription medication and even nutritional supplements. This is because it provides principles and understanding in a fascinating way aimed to communicate key prioritized information and give patients, their families and, indeed, the medical and psychological community, a treat.

Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope is indeed a voyage of hope, and large numbers of people have benefited from its creative and solid ideas pertaining to how to get better.

This book is also special in another way: It defines for the first time the new non-fiction literary genre of Sciction -- science through literature. Psychiatric and neurological medications become comprehensible to patients, families and general readers. yet the book is a wonderful text for students and professionals in the health and psychological fields. This unique self-help book on brain medications and social and medical issues educates through fascination. It's available as an autographed book with PDF Mac and PC Electronic Versions. The style is aimed at communication: Many have verbalized sentences like "It's as if I was with the Doctor. It's wonderful."

Opinions on this book: Don't take this from us. See the comments at

"This book is an essential contribution to mankind!"

Famous Authors:

  • "Witnessing this master clinician at work fuels a realistic optimism about recovery from even the most extreme afflictions of the mind."

  • " A remarkable contribution, you should not do without."

  • "Vernon Neppe is a wonderful guide."


  • "This is a voyage that can help thousands of lost souls."

  • "Essential reading for psychology students."

  • "Dr. Neppe demonstrates his international expertise with care and respect for patients."

  • "Residents and medical students can learn a great deal from this book; general readers and patients, an enormous amount."

  • "This book takes us to the core of what Medicine is about: to listen to what the patient is saying, \0x2028not only with their word, but with their acts and the cry of help that their mind is doing."

  • "I think it is really super. Bathtubs will never look the same again."

General Readers:

  • Dr. Neppe is indeed a genius who is able to share his wisdom in a sensitive and extremely palatable form. The best book I have ever had the privilege of reading!"

  • "I read it literally from cover to cover and read every word (even the ones I was given permission to skim over or omit). WOW! I took it to work today, and when my \0xBD hour lunch break was over, I told everyone to leave me alone as I was at a really exciting part of my book and couldn't put it down. When they saw what the book was about, they found it incredulous that there was an "exciting part" - just before your breakthrough treatment. I really don't have the words to express what I felt about this book. should be a compulsory text book for doctors. I am SO conscious of what medicines I put in my mouth and now watch what liquid I have my calcium tablets with!! It is so encouraging to think that so many people with the illnesses you described can be got back to normal. I will always keep my personally inscribed book."


  • "Dr. Neppe gives voice to those of us, long silent and misunderstood. I'm proud to be both patient and friend to the author, who has captained my personal voyage of hope."

  • "No longer do you have to feel different or alone in a world without hope or answers. I think anyone suffering from a mental condition, such as depression will benefit from this book. As you read through the many different chapters, I am sure you will find somewhere or someone you will identify with or see yourself in. It made me feel I wasn't the only one in the world on medications for depression or a seizure related condition. I felt compelled to keep reading and reading until I finished the book. I came away with a better understanding of my own treatment and the way medications work in the treatment of these illnesses. I would recommend this book to anyone who is suffering from a mental condition, or family and friends of anyone suffering from a mental condition. Dr. Neppe has been able to bring this book down to a level that is easy to understand and read, and at the same time is encouraging and yes, very 'HOPEFUL'."

  • "This is my new "new testament."

  • "That's what your book really does well. The thinking behind the drugs and the decisions. We really do not hear this as patients."

  • "Dr. Vernon Neppe has written one of the most important works dealing with brain medications and social dilemmas ever penned. This book has helped me understand that I am not alone, and that there is hope for a complete recovery. Dr. Neppe has the rare ability to view his patients with both clinical detachment as well as human beings, with fears, anguish, worry, terror and everything in between. This wonderful volume should be required reading for anyone with curiosity or concerns. "Cry The Beloved Mind" will change more than minds; it will change LIVES!"

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Note : Dr Neppe personally autographs all hard (bound) copies of books at no extra cost (this only occurs on Besides pride, it has implications for Collectors as the value increases it is said about three fold maybe more.

Note that because Cry the Beloved Mind is the first book defined in the literary genre of sciction it may be far more valuable than that (speculative, no guarantees).

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  3. COMBINED CRY THE BELOVED MIND (EBOOK AND HARD COPY) (best deal) $29.95 (autographed bound copy plus Dr Neppe's signature only plus electronic (E-Book PDF copy; save $10.90! This is a bargain as $21.95+$18.95= $40.90. (please remember to download the book as well). Please note if you want a customized version or personalized signature with this, please add in the comments section and we manually process credit cards so we will charge you just $2.50 more for customized so $32.45 and $5 more for personalized so $34.95. Of course, the combination already includes the $5 off for the double order.

  4. CRY THE BELOVED MIND, E-BOOK ELECTRONIC BOOK (E-Book) $18.95 (PDF version only) (note this E-book was apparently the first commercially available on the Internet ( so has also become a collector's edition for that reason; no hard (bound) copy --this is for your computer! )

  5. CRY THE BELOVED MIND, CUSTOMIZED BOUND COPY $24.45 The most popular book. Not only signed, but a special standard chosen message (be sure to choose the options from the list [usually 2-5 words} otherwise Dr Neppe will); but this messaged does not contain your name.)

  6. CRY THE BELOVED MIND, PERSONALIZED PERSONALIZED BOUND COPY $26.95 The one we would recommend if you want your name, to choose your own one line message written for you by Master Clinician and internationally renowned , Dr Neppe who reserves the right to edit it; this is the book to keep forever.

  7. SERIOUS COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS.These regular, hard copy books are specifically Collector's Editions. They are Collector's Editions because Dr Neppe is the pioneer of the literary genre of sciction. They have to go up in value using all logic. They also are specially numbered editions and have a certificate of authenticity signed by Dr Vernon Neppe in the front. They vary in price:
    Millennial Copy (Numbered 6-10) $149.95
    Millennial Copy (Numbered 11-20) $99.95
    Millennial Copy (Numbered 21-50) $77.95
    Millennial Copy (Numbered 51-99) $42.95


CRY THE BELOVED MIND is a book about hope: optimism for those with even the most extreme conditions of the mind. Those in distress will benefit enormously by the positive message of success. But then so will those interested in psychology, medicine or even a new style of writing.

The author, Vernon Neppe has outstanding credentials. He is an internationally recognized pioneer in the fields of neuropsychiatry, psychopharmacology, and psychiatry, communicates that real caring, humanity, knowledge, humor, respect and warmth that we all want in our physicians.

We can identify compassionately with every unique and fascinating patient, learn to respect them, and participate in an engaging medical detective mystery of finding solutions to the seemingly insoluble.

This is a book you do not want to miss. Every page educates and enthralls the reader--whether patient, physician, intelligent general reader, student or therapist--touching important social issues ranging from gun control to informed consent. The book's broad spectrum engages interest while fascinating and teaching all at the same time. Far more than pharmacology, this book delivers meaning for those who have lost it. Viktor Frankl did so in an abstract sense, and Norman Vincent Peale more pragmatically in his theological directions. This book promises to be the medical and pharmacological equivalent, unfolding through twelve chapters the hope that, by careful evaluation, patients can, should and will get better.

The chapters form a series of linked stories blending several real patients together into one, the first book applying Dr. Neppe's style of "sciction" --- science through literature. Through these fictitious case histories, Dr. Neppe explores how correction of the underlying biology of the brain can do wonders for one's mind. The use of extensive dialogue simplifies complex concepts, and allows easier targeting of specific areas of the book, such as depression and anxiety, seizures, psychoses and movement disorders. Dr. Neppe provides insights into drug interactions as well as fashionable alternative medicines, like St John's wort, so that it feels like one is consulting with this master clinician.

Cry the Beloved Mind has the qualities of a classic--a new style of educating, a voyage of hope for those with difficulties and a wonderful introduction to the area for students of psychology, medicine, as well as members of family and friends of patients.

The front cover for Cry the Beloved Mind was designed by the 
gifted Toronto photographic artist, Warren Liebmann,
who used a special silhouette technique to attain this effect.

Warren is also a world expert on photographing aircraft.
He has produced remarkable calendars and posters as part of the outstanding
Warren Liebmann Collection.

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