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Downloadable Electronic Version Now PDF, EPUB, MOBI

Cry the Beloved Mind apparently made history as the first Electronic Book (E-book) to be sold commercially. A company called Digital River ( marketed it and it did not do well electronically because it was too far ahead of its time. However, that made it into a likely valuable collector's item.

Now many years later, recognizing that E-books are often in E-Pub format, we have introduced an E-Pub and MOBI version. These are done as a service at no extra charge to the previous PDF that only existed and we can make no guarantees about their quality on your device.

Why an internet downloaded version?


  • Saves costs compared with other versions.
  • Immediate availability. This is particularly relevant if you are downloading from outside the USA where mail of a CD-ROM or the book itself could be slow.
    Even if youíre in Timbuktu you can purchase through the internet.
  • PDF files allow searching for information using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    (Note: given the nature of the Adobe Acrobat, not all specific keywords will necessarily be located on a search. We have found the search tool valuable.)
  • The capability of; entering specific pages and move immediately to them, as well as the capacity to print the material makes this electronic version even more versatile.
    (Of course, you cannot redistribute any information without our written consent that you have printed and it is, of course, prohibited to modify the contents of this book.)
  • PC or Macintosh. PDF files like these have become the standard way of communicating information. Their great advantage is they are cross-platform. This means if you have a PC for example with windows, you can read the book. If you have a macintosh, you can read the book. PDF files even can be read on UNIX computers. Moreover, PDF files are read with a free reader called Adobe Acrobat Reader and this is freely available for download. Please refer to the FAQ for more details.
  • Combination bound and electronic copy reduced in price. We have ensured that the page numbers stayed the same as the hard copy of the book.
    This means you can read the bound copy of the book and reference through the digital version.
    To ensure that you obtain a bargain in this regard, we have reduced the price for the combination by $5.
    For those of you who want to regard this as a serious reference text, we recommend the combination.
  • Reference work. Possibly most important, is you can use this electronic book as an excellent reference work.
    We have gone to special trouble to ensure that this is so. WE EVEN HAVE CREATED A DUPLICATE GLOSSARY SERIES FOR YOU.
    This means that you can have the PDF file open in the book, and the Glossary open as well so you can use the Glossary for direct reference.

Using the Digital Version

Under no circumstances should this version be copied or distributed to another individual. Site licenses are available.

The EBook (electronic / digital / downloadable book) of Cry the Beloved Mind costs $19.95.
However, even though it is available only through this site, we are offering at this time a special $1 off discount .
(And, of course, if the book is also bought, just order adding in your valid discount code which is your order number, and we will deduct a further $5 —we can only do this once, though!).

It will be available immediately once you download it and receive the appropriate password combinations to open it.

You may need special software to extract and read the electronic version. You may also have trouble downloading the book, especially on a slower connection. To answer these questions, please refer to the FAQ.

Refund policy
Liability: This is limited to the cost of the purchase less processing fees. Please remember this file is > 2 megabytes. You should consider downloading it if you have a fast modem connection (e.g. 28.8 kilobaud or more) and your internet service provider will not disconnect even if the file takes time to download. (Depending on the modem, server and the internet it could be much faster but sometimes 2 or 3 megabytes take up to 40 minutes) If you have a slower modem and prefer receiving a CD ROM Disk via mail, this option will be available, we hope, at a later date.

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